Joe Rogan Apologizes For DC Interview

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan doesn’t believe in interviewing fighters after they have been knocked out. He has spoken out about it many times, and as a fighter himself, he certainly knows fighters recovering from a knockout are in no condition to talk.

But Rogan made an exception after Daniel Cornier’s loss last night.

Cormier, who suffered his first ever knockout at the hands of longtime rival, Jon Jones, was at a loss for words as he struggled to hold back his tears.

Rogan, however, later regretted the interview, and apologized to everyone via social media. 

“My apologies to D.C. And to everyone else upset at me for interviewing him after the fight. In all honestly I was kind of in shock and I don’t think I realized what I was doing until I had a mic in my hand and I was talking to him. 
I’ve said that I don’t want to interview fighters after they’ve been KO’ed and then I did it to someone that I care a great deal about. It was 100% my fuck up and no one pressured me to do it. 
I posted a series of tweets about it on twitter but I know some of you folks only use instagram or Facebook so I thought the right thing to do is post it here as well. 
I was beating myself up about it all night, and whenever something like that happens it’s always my sincere intention to apologize and express my honest feelings. 
It’ll never happen again.”


  1. Cool of you guys to share Rogan’s apologies and respect for Cormier. But kinda weird that you embedded the video of the interview right there in the post.


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