Man Uses BJJ To Treat Paralysis

Normally, Jiu Jitsu is used as a self-defense method. Houston resident, Maximiliano Ulloa-York, had found Jiu Jitsu to also be an effect therapeutic method to treat his paralysis. The full story may be found on ABC 13.


Maximiliano already had over a decade of martial arts experience prior to his first injury in 1998 that he had suffered at work. He had survived an accidental cut to his leg with a skill saw whilst on the job and only survived because it missed a major artery. He went from having a limp to being a fully-functional athlete in a matter of months.

With his latest spinal cord injury, which he had suffered after falling from a two-story building, he is once again using the same Jiu Jitsu exercises to restore himself. Although he cannot use his abdomen, legs, or lower back, he is becoming stronger in the other parts of his body that are still functional. He started the IJJWLF to encourage other disabled individuals to get started with Jiu-Jitsu.


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