Justin Gaethje Continues Undefeated Streak With Second Round KO Over Michael Johnson

Justin Gaethje made his UFC debut with an impressive resume. Not only was the former WSOF Champion riding a 17-win undefeated streak, but 15 of those wins came by way of finish, and almost half ended in the first round.

Still, the question loomed: was he ready for the UFC?

So far, the answer seems to be yes.

Gaethje took on Michael Johnson in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption Finale. 

Both fighters came out strong, throwing hard one-twos at each other. Gaethje stalked his opponent around the perimeter of the cage, nailing him with hard shots and leg kicks.

Johnson wasn’t just going to sit there and take it, though. He threw it right back at the former WSOF Champion.

As the end of the first round drew near, it seemed as if Michael Johnson might win. He nailed Gaethje with a huge shot that buckled his knees. When he noticed his opponent was hurt, Johnson went in for the kill, taking Gaethje down. The fight went back up, but before Johnson could hurt his opponent much more, the round ended.

Despite being on the ass end of an ass kicking, Gaethje looked confident at the beginning of the second. He smirked and went right in for the kill, punching away at Johnson. Still, Justin looked tired, and Michael battered away at him with body shots.

Gaethje came back though. He hit Michael Johnson hard with some punches sending him stumbling into the fence. He then piled on some elbows and more punches.

Johnson went down, but Gaethje just smugly walked away and demanded he get back up.

Michael Johnson, bleeding from around his eye, did as he was told, and the beating continued.

Johnson again went against the fence, and Gaethje came in with knees and punches, dropping Michael Johnson to his knees and ending the fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Gaethje is off to a great start in the UFC!



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