Hinger Beats Cornelius In No-Gi, Cornelius Beats Hinger In The Gi, Both Win Double Gold

This year’s American Nationals featured some of the oddest results the BJJ media has reported on in…well, maybe history.

In the No-Gi American Nationals, Josh Hinger faced off against his Atos teammate, Keenan Cornelius, beating him in the Adult Black Belt Heavyweight division. Hinger would go on to win double gold.

When the two donned the gi the Nationals, Keenan not only defeated Hinger, and not only did it at heavyweight, but also won double gold!

@keenancornelius takes double gold! #AmericanNational2017

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So, essentially, the teammate beat his teammate, then the teammate came back to beat his teammate, and both won double gold.

Just your average day at the American Nationals, right?



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