Third-Degree Black Belt Richard Travis Celebrated His 52nd Birthday By Rolling For 52 Minutes Straight

Photo Source: Richard Travis/ Facebook

It’s not every day you meet someone who can roll for fifty-two minutes , but it’s even more rare to meet a fifty-two-year-old who can do it.

But then again, Richard Travis isn’t your everyday kind of guy.

Photo Source: Richard Travis/ Facebook

Travis, who’s a third-degree black belt under the Gracie Barra flag, celebrated his 52nd birthday yesterday, and his idea of celebrating was to roll for fifty-two minutes nonstop. It’s an endeavor that would make many younger men give up long before the last minute was over, but Travis is hardly a quitter.

 2014 No-Gi World Champion AJ Agazarm, who called Travis a “major, major influence” on him and credits him for being the main reason he decided to “leave the ‘normal’ lifestyle behind and find a lifestyle in jiu-jitsu”, shared the post with some heavy praise for the man who impacted his life and jiu-jitsu journey so much.

Richard Travis is proof that in many cases, age (like the time limit on a clock) is just a number. Rather than throwing in the towel once the years started to pile up, he proved that he has no intention of going easier on himself just because he’s no longer in his twenties. Whether you’re a seventy-year-old white belt or a twenty-three-year-old black belt, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the heart found in this accomplished and driven warrior.

Photo Source: Richard Travis/ Facebook


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