Man Who Used BJJ To Subdue Alleged Would-Be Kidnapper Tells Full Story Of What Happened

About a week and a half ago, Brian Kemsley shared a video that soon went viral. Kemsley, a Muay Thai practitioner with experience in jiu-jitsu, had brought down and controlled a man who allegedly tried to take a baby in a stroller away from a mother. Kemsley dragged the man to the ground and held him in a rear naked choke (without actually choking him out) until the cops arrived about thirty minutes later.

Now, Rener Gracie has contacted Kemsley and spoken to him about exactly what happened that day, and as it turns out, Kemsley not only protected the baby, but also the suspect himself. According to Kemsley, the man seemed to be mentally unwell, and some of the people in the crowd began kicking at him when they found out what he’d done. Kemsley, trying to keep the situation as nonviolent as possible, used his technique to keep the man safe until the police showed up.

You can watch the full interview below:


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