Marcus Buchecha Signs With Russian Event And Plans Full Schedule In 2018

Marcus Buchecha
Photo by: @izidor_

Ten-time World champion, Marcus Buchecha is already outlining his plans for next season. In addition to securing his presence at the IBJJF World Championship, where he will seek his sixth title in weight and sixth in the absolute, Checkmat’s black belt signed with ACBJJ (Absolute Championship Berkut Jiu-Jitsu). With that, Buchecha, who still has no date to make his debut in the tournament, joining other big names like Felipe Pena “PreguiƧa”, Erberth Santos, and Mahamed Aly in ACBJJ’s cast of athletes.

“The ACBJJ is an event that is further professionalizing our sport. The events are getting better, more professional, and an event of this size, growing so much, I could not be left out. The biggest names in Jiu-Jitsu had already signed with the event. I’m sure it will be very good for the sport to grow this event, and we have to support,” he praised.

…an event of this size, growing so much, I could not be left out.

This year, Marcus Buchecha won another Jiu-Jitsu World Cup, double-won the ADCC, and also won the IBJJF Pro League twice, which paid out $ 40,000 to the tournament champion. In 2018, he expects to repeat these performances, and he cannot wait to make his debut in the Russian organization.

“I’m really looking forward to attending the event. The format separated by category is very similar to that of the UFC, and this is very interesting. This brings a different look to the competition as it comes out of the traditional format. I intend to fight several times at the event in 2018, so I have to prepare a lot because I will have a full schedule next year,” he concluded.


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