Mark Hunt Ends Derrick Lewis’ Six-Fight Win Streak With Fourth Round TKO

Mark Hunt

Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis‘ six-fight win streak — the longest in heavyweight history — came to a screeching halt tonight in New Zealand, all thanks to “The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt.

The two fighters utilized the same style throughout the fight. Hunt would move to the middle of the octagon, stalk his opponent, and charge in with jabs, lefts, and right.

Lewis kept his back to the cage. When Hunt charged in, he side stepped out of the way. When Hunt backed up, he’d throw a body kick or a high kick.

Sometimes, when Hunt came at him with punches, Derrick would return in kind, countering with punches of his own or going for a body lock.

By the end of the third round, exhaustion (and perhaps a heavy dose of punches) caught up to The Black Beast, and be kept moving backwards with his hands down, only occasionally moving in to kick or punch.

In the fourth round, Hunt kept on coming in with punches while Lewis tried to move away. Hunt caught up to him, however, and though Derrick stayed on his feet, the referee had seen enough, and called an end to the fight.



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