Mike Perry Knocks Jake Ellenberger Out Cold

Mike Perry came to UFC Fight Night 108 promising to hit Jake Ellenberger harder that he has ever been hit, and it is hard to argue he did otherwise.

While the first round was fairly uneventful, Perry turned up the heat in Round 2. He grounded Ellenberger with a straight left, but it was the right that would do Jake in. Shortly after Ellenberger worked his way up, Mike hit him with a short right elbow that knocked him out cold. And when we say “out cold” we mean he was lying flat out on the canvas as Bruce Buffer called out Mike Perry’s name to the Nashville crowd.

Mike Perry now has ten wins and ten knockouts. If he hasn’t made an argument that he is a force to be reckoned with, I don’t know who has.

Winner by second round KO (elbow): Mike Perry!



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