Stevie Ray Comes Back From Rough First Round To Defeat Joe Lauzon

Stevie Ray came back from a rough first round to defeat “The Human Bonus Machine” Joe Lauzon.

The young Scot got taken down early when he threw a kick. From there, Lauzon, a BJJ brown belt and one of the trickiest players in the game, rode Ray, almost locking in an RNC and bloodying Stevie with huge punches and elbows.

Lauzon, however, could not do the same in the second or third rounds. In round 2, Ray turned the first two minutes into a boxing match, teeing off on Lauzon’s head. Though he was taken down halfway through the round, Joe was not able to repeat any of the success he had in the first.

After the second round, Joe Lauzon admitted to his corner that he was tired, and it showed. Again, Joe struggled to take Stevie down, and though he succeeded, he was not able to cause any of the damage he previously caused.

Ray, however, dominated when the two were on their feet, forcing Lauzon to eat punch after punch. During the last ten seconds of the last round, Stevie went ballistic on Joe, bombarding the New Englander with rights and lefts.

Joe may have dominated the first round, but the second and third round were enough to convince the judges that Stevie Ray should be the victor.

Winner by majority decision: Stevie Ray!


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