Omoplata Variations You Should Try

The omoplata is a position that is rich with different variations. In fact, it is more often a sweep and control than a fight ending submission. Still, it is great for smaller fighters and works without the kimono.

Here are three variations of the omoplata you should try.

Williams Guard Omoplata

Shawn Williams developed this control position that was named after him. It is a great no-gi control position. The omoplata is right there!

Mounted Omoplata

Nino Schembri was ahead of his time in jiu-jitsu and was one of the first innovators of the omoplata position.

Omoplata From Spider Guard

Note the hook Draculino places to trap the opponent. Savage!

And in case you don’t know the differences between your “platas”, here’s Grapplearts Founder Stephan Kesting.


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