MMA Fighter Joe Schilling Knocks Out Fellow Bar Patron, Claims Self-Defense

Bellator veteran Joe Schilling was filmed knocking out a fellow bar patron in a video that has been widely circulated on social media.

The and ID of the man, location, and time of the incident aren’t currently known, but Schilling has been sharing his version of the events since the video appeared online.

Schilling shared several posts and stories about the incident, the first of which was the video itself, which was captioned with the fighter’s account of what happened:

“Little context… this guys [sic] rapping like an idiot. The buss [sic] boy who happens to be black walks by and this idiot bumps into him and screams out ‘Me and broke n***** we don’t get along[.]’ The bus boy was seriously offended but doesn’t want to lose his job. As the night goes on this clown starts looking at me and rapping whatever song is being played while making eye contact with me. I’m like whats wrong with this idiot. I go outside to smoke and as I’m walking back in he bumps into me. I put my hand out to catch him he immediately says I’m sorry you can see me nod my head like cool. Then he realizes it’s me the guy he’s been rapping at all night and yells ‘HEY[.]’ I turn around and he flexes on me….. bad decisions are made everyday. I went back and sat down to finish my drink and pay my bill two servers, the bus boy and DJ came up to thank me. As you can see from this video when he flexed on me I was scared for my life and simply defending myself against the evil in this world”

The video was later taken down for violating Instagram’s policies. Schilling later shared a screenshot of the Instagram notification (which has also since been taken down) with the caption, “Self-defense is apparently not what this country is about anymore. Don’t trip, I got the video. Love you guys, thanks for the concern and support during my life threatening experience. Big shout out to The Yard Muay Thai for preparing me for this life threatening situation. #f***racists”

Schilling has since shared another post about the incident, this time of a screenshot that shows someone claiming to be the ex of the man in the video accusing him of physical abuse.

The post also contained a screenshot from someone else claiming to be a friend of someone who, according to them, was abused by the man in the video. It is unclear if the “friend” mentioned in the second screenshot is the same person from the first screenshot.

The other man in the video has not been publicly identified, and it’s unknown if the police have gotten involved.

As a professional MMA fighter, Schilling has a record of 4-6. He last fought for Bellator in 2019, which resulted in a KO loss against Tony Johnson.


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