Muhammad Ali On Mayweather: I Am The Greatest

In a little bit of social networking one on one, Muhammad Ali reminds Mayweather and Foreman who’s the greatest.

Recently Floyd Mayweather has claimed that he is a better fighter than Muhammad Ali and George Foreman ever were. Soon after, Foreman responded with a quote to TMZ, stated that he agreed that Mayweather was a better fighter than the pair, but Ali stayed silent for a few days on the matter.

We have finally gotten our reply from Ali in the form of a Twitter post including a picture of the boxer in his prime and a quote “Don’t you forget, I am the greatest!” With just a sentence, the retired boxer said his piece and was done. With a track record like his, Mayweather must have gotten confused when he told Stephen A. Smith that he would only believe Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson were better boxers than him if he was brainwashed.

While Ali did not actually come out and say that the quote and picture were directed at Mayweather, the timing suggests heavily that this was just that, a reply to Mayweather’s comments. Just as we would expect from the boxer, Ali wouldn’t back down from at least throwing a comment back at Mayweather, reminding him with a picture and a quote who the best boxer was.


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