Nathalia Santoro Earns BJJ Purple Belt From John Danaher

Bodybuilder, fitness model, and jiu-jitsu competitor Nathalia Santoro has leveled up in BJJ after years of training under John Danaher.

Santoro was promoted to purple belt by Danaher earlier this week after a class in Puerto Rico, where she and many other Danaher students now live after relocating from the East Coast. In an emotional post on social media, Santoro expressed her excitement over the promotion and her gratitude toward her partner and teammate Gordon Ryan for helping her progress to this level.

“Today was a good day, I received my purple belt from my master @danaherjohn after class here in Puerto Rico.
I absolutely never thought that this would happen anytime soon knowing that Johns is the hardest professor we know to ever belt someone and considering that we still haven’t moved to our own academy. I’m of course very happy number one because I’m already 31 years old and I fear the thought of becoming a black belt at my 40’s, No way !!! 😂
The everyday drilling and being UKE of 9 dvds with my professor and best no gi grappler from this generation @gordonlovesjiujitsu definitely helped me progress faster.

In addition to helping Ryan with his strength training, Santoro has also become more active in the competitive jiu-jitsu scene over recent years. She’s competed for 3rd Coast Grappling multiple times, earning a standout win against Stephanie Trevino when she tapped her out with a rear naked choke at the literal last second in their match. She also guillotined her way to a win on the undercard of Kasai 5.


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