Navy Seal Rates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu As 2nd Best Self Defense

Have you ever considered taking martial arts classes for self-defense purposes? If you did any research on the subject you quickly realized that there are many martial arts disciplines from which to choose. If you want to narrow your list of options then consider what the best martial arts for self-defense are according to a Navy SEAL.
Jocko Willink‘s first recommendation is a gun and a concealed carry permit. If that isn’t possible then he also has a few other recommendations.

He advises people who want to learn self-defense to take Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. According to Willink, such classes can also help you learn self-discipline, humility and patience.

Willink also thinks Muy Thai and Western-style boxing can be very helpful, and he believes that Krav Maga can help to augment your other self-defense skills.


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