Blind 6-Year-Old Working With BJJ Black Belt

If you think BJJ is hard (and you’re right; it is) then just imagine how hard it is when you’re six years old and blind.

In other words, imagine how hard it would be if you were the brave 6-year-old boy in this video.

Check out this video of him practicing with fourth-degree BJJ black belt Vicente Junior.


This is Max, he is 6 years old, he born blind and he is being doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu little over a year, tonight I had the opportunity to promote him to gray white belt, along side his coach @sneakypetebjj and his professor @bowerhousegrappling, nothing else more to say, just watch. #amazing #DEFINEYOURLEGACY #BUILDYOURLEGACY #LEGACY #noexcuses #whatsyourexcuse #vicentejrteam #faixapreta #blackbelt #jiujitsuforeveryone #letthekidsplay #blind #badboy #badboyeu

Posted by Vicente Junior BJJ on Monday, April 24, 2017


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