6 Signs You Are The Idiot At Your BJJ Academy

Are you the “idiot” at your BJJ gym?  Most people won’t tell you if you are, so you might have to figure it out yourself. This could be a daunting task…that is, if it weren’t for people like Coach Tom from The Grappling Academy, who was nice enough to make this video.

Coach Tom gives viewers six examples of BJJ-related idiocy.  In no particular order they are:

  1. Thinking too highly of your technique
  2. Making excuses for getting tapped
  3. Claiming you tapped for other reasons
  4. Giving advice during a roll
  5. Injuring other students
  6. Being the last on the mats

Check out his video above to hear him elaborate on these six signs.  What other signs would you add to the list?


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