New EBI Women’s Flyweight Champion Erin Blanchfield

Erin Blanchfield is the new EBI Women’s Flyweight Champion!

Blanchfield took on Gabby McComb in the Finals of EBI 12: Women’s Flyweights.

McComb and Blanchfield certainly wanted to show off their stand-up skills in this fight. The two spent the first six minutes of the 10-minute regulation round fighting to take the other down.

Erin finally got the takedown but ended up in Gabby’s butterfly guard. Gabby then used an unusual single-leg butterfly guard. Regulation almost ended with an armbar, but time ran out.

Both women opted to start in the back position for the first overtime, and both were able to wrestle their way out. Gabby came close to being the new EBI champ, though, at the bottom of the first overtime, when she almost twisted Erin’s head off with a neck crank.

The fates, however, were not working in Gabby’s favor that night. Erin opted for an armbar at the top of the second overtime and got the tap in eighteen seconds. Gabby was unable to do the same in 18 seconds or fewer in the bottom of the second overtime, so the belt went to Erin.

EBI jiu-jitsu fans everywhere, we have a new Women’s Flyweight Champion, and her name is Erin Blanchfield!


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