A New Year’s BJJ Challenge

Okay all of you BJJ guys out there enjoying a well deserved holiday break (although maybe you were truly addicted and somehow got a key to the academy to have an open mat roll), you have a few days of holidays remaining before returning to the mats.

Don’t fret if you accumulated a few extra holiday pounds. Those will disappear soon after you resume your regular training schedule.

Hopefully, your minor aches and pains have been given enough time to recover completely and you can return to training completely mentally and physically refreshed. You might even be rocking a new rashguard or kimono to show off.

With a new beginning should come some new goals, so I want to offer a challenge to the Jiu-Jitsu Times readers in the from of a simple question: what aspect of your BJJ game, if concentrated on for the next 30 days, would yield the maximum effect on your jiu-jitsu?

This is a highly personal question depending on what belt level you are, whether you are a competitor or not, and what your personal BJJ game is like.

Here are a few ideas for you.

Find Your Weak Points

What is your weakest position? We all have a weak spot, and some of our training partners are all too familiar with that chink in our armour! How would spending a month sharpening and developing techniques to fill that hole affect your overall level?

Study Interesting Positions

Is there is a position that you saw in class months ago that interested you with its potential, but you just have not found the opportunity to drill it and make it part of your muscle memory?

This could be a complimentary guard style to combine with something that you are already proficient in. For example, if you play butterfly guard, then looking into X guard or single leg X can take what you already know up an entire new level.

Watch Videos

Seen a new instructional app or DVD set released that you have been aching to see?
This is a great opportunity to take one month and work on the material that is presented in the instructional series. Enlist a training partner who is as enthusiastic about it as you are.
Drill, drill, and drill some more. Immerse yourself in the new position and consider it a crash course that can add an entirely new weapon to your BJJ arsenal.

Study A Top BJJ Guy’s Game

Is there a BJJ legend or current top competitor that inspires you with his style? With the vast amount of footage available on Youtube, you can study, analyze and then try to imitate the game of many of the top BJJ fighters and add their tactics and positions to your own strategy.

Get excited to start a new year of training and learning jiu-jitsu!

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