Nick Diaz Suspended For 5 Years And $165,000 Fine For Marijuana Use

After an NAC hearing which lasted several hours, Nick Diaz received a five year ban for failing a drugs test. At thirty-two years of age, this ban could force the Stockton native into early retirement. In addition, Diaz was told that he had to forfeit thirty percent of his half a million dollar fight purse for failing the test. The incriminating sample proved that more than 300 ng/ml of marijuana metabolites were in Diaz’s system, following his fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 183. Three tests were performed by Quest Lab at 22:38, but only one was positive.

The commission cited Diaz’s track record of positive drug tests as the primary reason for his lengthy ban. Commissioner Pat Lundvall suggested that Diaz should be banned for life. Lundvall was extremely critical of Diaz and his attorney Lucas Middlebrook, when Diaz declined to testify.

Nick Diaz going off on all MMA Fighters


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