Nick Diaz Smoking A HUGE Joint With Tommy Chong

Anyone remember that scene in Up In Smoke when Anthony (played by world famous smoker Tommy Chong) lights up his “quarter pounder” sized joint for Pedro (played by equally famous smoker Cheech Marin)?

If you don’t, here’s the legendary scene.

Well, UFC middleweight and BJJ black belt Nick Diaz had a similar experience earlier this week.  A video has recently made its way on the Internet showing Nick and Chong smoking and loving every inch of what looks like a ten-inch joint.

Diaz – along with his brother, Nate – have been loud and proud smokers for years now, and have even felt the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s wrath over their penchant for the green stuff.  Nick was even given a five-year suspension over his pot smoking.  The sentence met with disapproval from MMA fighters and celebrities alike, and was later reduced.

The Diaz brothers aren’t the only well-known BJJ black belts who have declared their love for Mary Jane. 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo and his student, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan have both been vocal about the benefits of weed.  Bravo has even said it helps his jiu-jitsu.

No news yet on when Diaz will be back in the cage, but knowing his penchant for big-money fights and drug suspensions, it probably will not be for a while.


  1. Diaz still owes the NAC $75,000 for fines from his last suspension.

    And USADA doesn’t count smoking weed as a suspendable fine unless it’s 6 hours before or after a bout.


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