BJJ Nomad: Top 10 Tips To Travel

Living the dream, or trying to can be tough. I know, I know “get a REAL job,” people say. I happen to have a real job which allows me the flexibility of setting my own schedule and working remotely (for the most part). Don’t be jealous. Don’t hate. My family and I gave up a lot of the material things In Order to live a simple, less stressed and more traveled life.

So how do we do it?! What’s the secret of having it all, and affording the important things?

1. Review where your money is going, evaluate the necessity of those expenditures & make changes! If you buy coffee at $25 a week, get a coffee maker and make that stuff at home. The pennies fill your pocket.

2. Road trips with friends are cheaper and more fun. Everyone pitches in, everyone shares the experience, No one goes broke.

3. Sites such as Expedia, orbitz, Togo, jetcost, and skiplagged sell tickets for airline, train, bus etc at cheap cheap cheap prices. Shop around and plan ahead! Purchasing weeks or months in advance can save you major $$$
4. Hostels. Or better yet couch hop. Check online sites like Airbnb for room rentals at (often) decreased prices
5. When visiting a specific area, or training at other gyms call ahead for information regarding may fees. $10 a day for limitless classes is smarter than $20 for one visit. Shop around and find what fits your training and budget needs.
6. Renting a car is nice. Renting a bike or moped is even nicer and cheaper 😉
7. Don’t be afraid to open yourself to the unknown! Usually the best memories are made when staying with locals and not in big time resorts. Cheaper, full immersion cultural experience.
8. Check travel sites and books. Out of season travel is much cheaper than going during peak weeks. Much less busy (usually) too
9. Want to go snorkeling and parasailing but can’t afford the “add on”?! Discover where the tour companies take their customers & visit on your own! $ in your pocket.
10. Jiujitsu is comprised of family. One family that trains, pushes for excellence and strives to improve their life or that of someone else. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the community and build a Jiujitsu trip to remember!

Happy Rolling and Traveling!


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