Nobody Believed In Them When They Came In To Train. Reactions Are Priceliess

Three separate training academies in Rio de Janeiro recently received three visitors. An amputee, a dwarf, and a visually impaired woman walked into separate locations. Of course, cameras were there to catch the events that followed. Individuals training at the academies are caught snickering at the newcomers, and they actively doubt what they’re doing.

The amputee hops on the treadmill and starts running over 25 kilometers per hour. At another location, the dwarf starts bench pressing many kilograms over his own weight. The visually impaired woman starts throwing Judo trainees across the mat. Nobody believed academy when they arrived to train, and nobody was left doubting their abilities.

Now there was a catch here. All three individuals are paralympic athletes, and they’ve persevered through such doubt throughout their lives.


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