Caio Terra Challenged Gordon Ryan To a $250K Match

If you’re thirsty from that popcorn ADCC superstars Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao sold during their dramatic war of words and memes earlier this week, tea is now being served in the parlor…where Caio Terra has challenged Ryan to a $250K showdown.

The beef started yet again on social media when Terra saw the Galvao/Ryan callout go down, then called Ryan a “clown” who bought his own crown and cape, then challenged him to a winner takes all battle in the gi.

“I issued my own challenge, have a match with me in the gi. [Ryan] made excuses and now is trying to price himself out, the same thing he accused Andre of doing.”

caio terra

Terra punctuated the whole thing with some harsher words (see below), then tagged the whole post #steroidsarecheating.

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This guy bought a cape and a crown and does it to entertain people. He isn't a king he's a clown. He continued to talk because this is how he makes money. I get it, I don't agree with it but to each their own. He challenged a retired athlete and some one who did a lot for this sport. Trying to cut the line to make some money. Sure now he wants to do it for charity but he also complained about how much tax he paid. Don't be fooled, it's for a write off. After he kept going I issued my own challenge, have a match with me in the gi. He made excuses and now is trying to price himself out, the same thing he accused Andre of doing. Crazy how that works right, when you have all to gain and nothing to lose your a lion but when you have all to lose and nothing to gain you're a pussy. #noonewantstobeyou #steroidsarecheating Esse cara comprou uma capa e uma coroa para entreter as pessoas. Ele não é um rei, é um palhaço. Ele continua falando besteira porque é assim que ele faz dinheiro. Eu entendo, não concordo mas cada um escolhe seu próprio caminho. Ele desafiou um atleta aposentado e uma pessoa que fez tanto pelo nosso esporte. Tentando cortar a fila pra fazer um dinheiro. Claro, agora ele diz que quer fazer por caridade, logo ele que sempre reclama de quanto paga de imposto. Não seja bobo, é só uma forma dele fazer uma isenção em seu imposto de renda. Depois dele continuar falando abobrinha eu fiz o meu próprio desafio a ele de kimono. Ele agora da suas desculpas, a mesma coisa que ele acusou o André de fazer. É muito doido como as coisas são, quando você tem tudo pra ganhar e nada a perder você é um leão mas quando você tem tudo a perder e nada a ganhar você é uma bichana.

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Terra followed up with another post suggesting Ryan is “ducking” him. (Shoutout to @because_jiujitsu for stirring that pot with a Pokemon in record time).

Caio’s Post

No fight is official since that post is less than an hour old right now and the trash talking/betting/rule sets are still being hashed out in the comments section, but if someone doesn’t eventually fight Gordon for money it’s gonna feel like social media isn’t real life or something.

You can place your bets in the comments.


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