Ohio Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Demonstrates Effects Of Knee-On-Neck Pressure For Local News

The world has been shocked by the death of George Floyd, and people in the jiu-jitsu community have been speaking up about the horrific damage that occurs when you kneel on someone’s neck like the officer in the video did.

Many people outside the BJJ community, though, have never experienced the effects of a blood choke, and some have expressed their confusion over how Floyd died or struggled to breathe based on the officer’s position.

Deon Thompson, a BJJ black belt based out of Ohio Brasa in Toledo, has helped to educate his local community about the harmful effects of this position through a segment on the local ABC 13 news network. While an official cause of death hasn’t yet been released for Floyd and many believe that better training wouldn’t have stopped the involved officers from doing what they did, Thompson’s brief lesson may help educate the public about how neck pressure can kill.

You can watch the segment below, but be advised that the content and some images may be disturbing for some viewers:


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