The Big Matches To Watch Out For At Fight 2 Win 142

After multiple successful events so far in Lone Star State, Fight 2 Win is once again back to work this weekend for yet another Texas-sized event.

F2W 142 will be the latest major event from the promotion, which made their mid-pandemic comeback with F2W 139, 140, and 141. For this card, the promotion is showcasing some of Texas’ best local talent in addition to a few household names in the sport. The event will once again be spectatorless in compliance with local guidelines due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are some of the matches we’re most excited to see:

Gabi Garcia vs. Kendall Reusing

The main event of the evening will see the return of four-time ADCC champion Gabi Garcia, who will be taking on 2019 black belt world champion Kendall Reusing in a heavyweight no-gi title match. Reusing is a decorated wrestler, having won Nationals four times in addition to States in California, going on to wrestle with Team USA before focusing on jiu-jitsu. Her first year at black belt, which she earned in July of last year, has been a successful one, and a win against multiple-time black belt world champion Garcia would be a huge addition to her grappling resume. Garcia is among jiu-jitsu’s most successful athletes, though, and this match may be one we’ll see repeated at future competitions… possibly ADCC?

Dante Leon vs. Johnny Tama

The co-main event of the evening will see Dante Leon go head to head with Johnny Tama. Both competitors won gold at No-Gi Worlds last year, which earned Tama his big claim to fame as the first black belt Ecuadorian world champion in BJJ. This will be a rematch between the two — they first clashed on the mats in the first round of the World Series of Grappling 2 in 2018, which Tama won via ref decision. That, however, was two years ago, and both competitors have evolved significantly since then. The jiu-jitsu world will be watching to see if Leon can tie up the score.

Lucas Valente vs. Matheus Gabriel

Another notable match on the card will take place between Matheus Gabriel and Lucas Valente. Gabriel was originally slated to face Gianni Grippo at F2W 138, but the event was ultimately called off due to the coronavirus outbreak. He’s been steadily building an impressive black belt record since he was promoted in 2018, which includes a 3-1 record on the F2W stage. If he wants to add another win, though, he’ll have to give his all against the formidable Valente. The Draculino black belt is an SJJIF World Champion and has had significant success at Third Coast Grappling. This will be his F2W debut, and a win against Gabriel would be a warm welcome for him indeed.

William Tackett vs. Justin Renick

Tackett has made a name for himself as one of jiu-jitsu’s top rising young stars since he first entered the colored belt competition scene. A F2W brown belt champion with big wins racked up in both IBJJF competitions and sub-only tournaments and superfights, Tackett has evolved from being an underdog to a favorite, even among some of the bigger names he’s faced. Renick is a worthy challenger, however, with a 2-0 F2W record and experience at Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds in addition to a championship title of his own at Sub FC. Theirs will be a battle of Texas talent, revealing two of the most skillful competitors in the local scene.

Fight 2 Win 142 will take place in Dallas, Texas on May 30 and can be streamed live only on FloGrappling.


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