Dillon Danis Vs Garry Tonon At Polaris 5 On UFC Fight Pass

Polaris 5

Two of the biggest names in competitive grappling — Dillon Danis and Garry Tonon — will be headlining Polaris 5 on August 19 at the O2 Indigo Theater London.

This rivalry of cunning along with the added twinge of vengeance make the Tonon-Danis match one of the most intense grappling matches of the year. After months of barbs flung via social media and ever intensifying bad blood, these focused living weapons are poised for a collision course that will go down in Ultimate Fighting Championship history.

The popular Tonon is looking to cap off his streak of victories by taking down one of his most persistent rivals, who he forced to submit through the use of his notorious heel hook during the 2015 ADCC Championship.

Dillon Danis vs Garry Tonon At Polaris 5 This Summer

Polaris 5 is the latest event promoted and organized by Polaris, and they will be streaming the event live and exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS . Even with some spectacular undercard brawls, Danis vs Tonon is sure to be a fight to remember.


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