Polaris Squads 3 Results: Team USA Defeats Team UK/Ireland, Kyle Boehm Claims Heavyweight Title

Polaris Squads 3 saw another action-packed team event take place, this time between Team UK/Ireland and Team USA. While Team UK/Ireland put up a serious fight, it was ultimately Team USA who came away with the most points to win the event.

Team Competition

1st Half

  • Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) vs. Jon Blank (USA) – Draw
  • Kieran Davern (UK/IRE) vs. Adam Benayoun (USA) – Draw
  • Jed Hue (UK/IRE) vs. Roberto Jimenez (USA) – Draw
  • Ross Nichols (UK/IRE) vs. Nick Ronan (USA) – Draw
  • Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) vs. Richie Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Darragh O’Conaill (UK/IRE) vs. Nathan Orchard (USA) – Draw
  • Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) vs. Geo Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Ellis Younger (UK/IRE) vs. Hunter Colvin (USA) – Draw
  • Nathan Orchard (USA) def. Kieran Davern (UK/IRE) via neck crank (3 points) — Davern pulled guard, and Orchard quickly locked onto a leg. Both athletes returned to their feet briefly before Davern pulled guard again, repeating this process a few times as Davern unsuccessfully tried to isolate one of Orchard’s legs. With 1:45 left, Orchard got to Davern’s back from standing and brought the match to the ground under his control. He secured a body triangle, and though Davern initially looked like he might roll out, Orchard secured the neck crank and got the tap with just over 30 seconds to go.
  •  Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) vs. Roberto Jimenez (USA) – Draw
  • Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) vs. Jon Blank (USA) – Draw
  • Jed Hue (UK/IRE) vs. Hunter Colvin (USA) – Draw
  • Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) vs. Geo Martinez (USA) – Draw

Heavyweight Title Superfight

Kyle Boehm vs. Silviu Nastasa

Boehm started the match by sitting guard and immediately looking to enter a leg entanglement. He came up to reverse the position, but immediately sat back for a heel hook. Boehm went belly-down, and though Nastasa tried to fight back, it was in vain. Boehm got the tap in just over thirty seconds.

Kyle Boehm was declared the winner by submission and claimed the Polaris heavyweight title.

Team Competition

2nd Half

  • Nathan Orchard (USA) vs. Ross Nicholls (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Nick Ronan (USA) vs. Ellis Younger (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Adam Benayoun (USA) vs. Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Richie Martinez (USA) vs. Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Geo Martinez (USA) vs. Darragh O’Conaill (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Hunter Colvin (USA) vs. Jed Hue (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Roberto Jimenez (USA) vs. Kieran Davern (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Jon Blank (USA) vs. Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Nick Ronan (USA) vs. Ross Nicholls (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Roberto Jimenez (USA) def. Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) via choke (1 point) — Hill initially tried to take Jimenez’s back, but a scramble led to Jimenez getting the top position and quickly taking Hill’s back. He got both hooks in and trapped the arm, locking up his hands and finishing the match in under a minute.
  • Roberto Jimenez (USA) vs. Ellis Younger (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Geo Martinez (USA) def. Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) via injury (3 points) — Strauss started the match by playing guard, and Martinez closed the distance while trying to pass. He got low to isolate an arm, and while Strauss resisted, there was a moment when the resistance gave way. Strauss walked off the mat with an apparently injured pec muscle.
  • Adam Benayoun (USA) vs. Jed Hue (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Richie Martinez (USA) vs. Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) – Draw

Team USA was declared the winners with a final score of 7-0.




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