Ref Ends Hockey Fight With Guillotine Choke

Let’s face it, fights are one of the main reasons why people love watching hockey matches. There is just something so endearing in watching grown men fight for their respective teams while wearing over-sized jerseys and ice skates. Fights on the ice can be short-lived affairs, with the referee always there to break things up when they go to far.

It takes courage to come between two large men throwing haymakers. It also helps to have a certain set of skills. A hockey ref breaks up fight with guillotine, though he didn’t seem to notice those taps of submission from his victim.

In the end, spectators got more than they bargain for. They came to watch two hockey teams test their skills on the ice, with the occasional player brawl thrown in. What they got instead was a live lesson as to why it pays to learn jiu-jitsu techniques.



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