Rener Gracie Claims Karate School ‘Jacked’ Him For Over $10,000, Owner Says Untrue

Rener Gracie claims he got jacked for over $10,000 from a karate school in Canada.

In a video posted just hours ago, Gracie — who is joint owner of Gracie University in Torrence, California — claimed he was not paid for a seminar he did at Robinson’s Karate Schools in Newmarket, Ontario.

He was owed over $10,000.

Rener said he did four two-hour seminars there and was handed a check by the owner, Christian Robinson. When he deposited the check, however, it bounced.

Gracie called Robinson and was told the situation would be handled. He was sent another check, which also bounced.

Rener has not heard from Robinson since.

Gracie assured everyone that he would be okay. After all, he’s not in any desperate need of money. However, he put the video out to warn others not to do business with Christian Robinson or work for him.

Robinson, however, disputed the claim in the video’s thread, calling Rener’s claim’s “untrue” and saying the issue had been “resolved.”

Rener did not respond to the comment, and said that, despite his experience at the school, he had no regrets about it.

You can listen to Rener’s statement on the school below.

WE GOT JACKED for OVER $10,000! A public service video about a Chris Robinson, a Jiu-jitsu black belt instructor that should be avoided! If Chris ends up doing the right thing, I'll be sure let you guys know. Until then, please share this to help prevent potential students and black belt professors from falling victim.

Posted by Rener Gracie on Thursday, January 4, 2018


  1. Wow! And I thought I was the only one. He owed me $7500 since last May (business deal gone bad). He has given me numerous (about 10) fraudulent cheques (some bounced and some were returned as account closed). When I recently reached out to him and asked him to use the $10,000 he stole from you to repay me he told me he repaid you every penny. Even sent me screen shots of some wire transfer for $14,000 USD that he said he sent to you. Not sure how broke he actually is… his family is vacationing down south as we speak – yet I’m a single mom of three kids and he can’t repay me. This is how he treats people.


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