Rener Gracie Tests Positive For COVID-19 Again, Won’t Corner Brian Ortega At UFC Fight Night

Rener Gracie will remain in California instead of traveling to Abu Dhabi to corner Brian Ortega for his fight against Chan Sung Jung (“The Korean Zombie”) on October 17.

Gracie revealed the news on social media tonight, saying that he and his wife originally tested positive for COVID-19 a month ago. Weeks later, he tested negative for the virus twice, but he was tested again yesterday in Las Vegas before boarding the plane for Abu Dhabi. This time, the test came back positive, and he will no longer be traveling to the UAE to corner Ortega.

Gracie says that he’s been told that the positive test is most likely a result of the residual effects of the coronavirus and he is currently asymptomatic, but that if he were to travel to Abu Dhabi and test positive again, he’d have to quarantine for two weeks in the UAE and miss Ortega’s fight anyway.

You can hear Gracie’s full account of the events below:


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