Reporter Gets A Grappling Lesson With Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey became sensei for a day when she was challenged by A Current Affair reporter Elise Elliott (The Daily Mail) to a friendly matchup. After and insightful interview and some playful banter between Rousey and Elliot, Elliot agreed to hit the mats with Rousey and go toe-to-toe with the 28-year-old UFC women’s bantamweight champion and world’s highest paid UFC fighter. During the match up, Rousey was able to teach her perhaps not so formidable opponent more than a thing or two about self-defence. The reporter was more than happy to learn. During the interview Rousey was keen on defending a woman’s equal right to fight as fighting back, she insists, is an instinct that is shared by human beings — male or female.


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