RESULTS: Alex Oliveira Taps Carlos Condit With Second Round Guillotine Choke At UFC On Fox 29

It’s been a rough two years for “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit, and unfortunately Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira made it even worse.

Condit and Cowboy met tonight in the co-main event of UFC on Fox 29.

A touch of the gloves started the match off. Oliveira kept his hands low but his kicks high. Condit went in early for a flying knee, but couldn’t land anything.

About a minute and a half in they clinched and went to the ground. Cowboy was in the NBK’s half guard and pressured him. Condit worked for full guard. He got it, but Alex broke free and stood up.

Carlos took Alex down, though, landing on top. Cowboy put his opponent in a guillotine, though, but Condit escaped.

NBK was in Cowboy’s half guard and landed some hard punches. With less than a minute left, Condit moved to the back and worked for a rear naked choke. Carlos had it in deep, but Oliveira pushed it off. Condit went for a second time, but again Alex escaped before the round came to a close.

A big right from Condit opened up Round 2. The fight went to the ground with Oliveira in Condit’s guard. Alex threw down some punches then got out of Carlos’s guard. NBK landed a huge up kick.

The two got up, but the fight went to the ground again. Carlos worked his way up, but Cowboy landed some nasty elbows, cutting NBK open.

Condit took Oliveira down, though, landing in his guard. NBK bled all over his opponent. He backed up then moved out. Oliveira got up and Condit tried to take him down again. He landed in Cowboy’s standing guillotine, though. NBK tried to fight it off, but succumbed to it, extending his losing streak to four.

Winner by second round guillotine: Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira!


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