RESULTS: Michelle Waterson Narrowly Defeats Cortney Casey At UFC On Fox 29

Michelle Waterson narrowly defeated opponent Cortney Casey in the opening fight of the UFC on Fox 29 main card.

Waterson started out with an inside leg kick. Casey held the inside of the cage while the Karate Hottie danced around her. Waterson showed off some of her karate moves with a punch-kick-high kick combo, then continued dancing around her. Casey caught Michelle in the clinch, but Waterson got away. Casey landed a right, and the Karate Hottie wanted no part of it, backing off quickly. Another big right landed on Michelle’s face, though, turning her around. The two clinched, but Michelle broke away.

A third right landed on Waterson’s face and she went down shortly after, but got back up. The two went down again, and Waterson landed in Casey’s guard. Casey worked for an armbar, but The Karate Hottie stuck her head through Casey’s legs. Waterson landed a few shots before getting back up. The round came to a close before the fight could continue, though.

Round 2 opened with another of Waterson’s leg kicks. Casey, however, charged in with a punch and kick before pressing Michelle against the fence. A few shots landed, but the two broke away.

Waterson kept her distance as Cortney chased her again. The Karate Hottie landed a beautiful single leg takedown, though, and landed in Casey’s guard. Cortney triangled her legs around The Karate Hottie and held her close to her. She then began working for a triangle and transitioned into an armbar, but Waterson pushed her way out. Again, Casey went for an armbar, but Waterson fought it off.

For a third time Cortney went for an armbar, this time going belly down, and for a third time, Waterson escaped.

The two stood up and The Karate Hottie knocked Casey down with a body kick. The rounded ended shortly after.

A high kick landed flush for Michelle in Round 3, but Casey continued playing the cat in their cat-and-mouse game.

Waterson pressed Cortney up against the cage. The two broke away from each other. They threw a few punches at each other, but then went back to the clinch.

Michelle landed a beautiful takedown, but Casey landed in another armbar position. Yet again, Waterson broke away, but this time, she landed in a heel hook position. The Karate Hottie broke away again, and the two broke up.

Waterson went for a single leg, but Casey saw it and sprawled on her. Cortney landed some elbows and spun to her back. Casey landed some huge shots before moving for a rear naked choke.

Yet again Cortney Casey went for an armbar but didn’t have enough time to lock it in.

It was lucky for her, too, because escaping the submission allowed her to take the fight via split decision.


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