RESULTS: Gilbert Burns Takes Out Dan Moret With Second-Round Knockout

Gilbert “Durinho” Burns once again showed the world that he can throw fists as well as he can grapple.

Burns welcomed Dan “The Hitman” Moret to his UFC debut tonight at the UFC on Fox 29 prelims.

Durinho started out with a body kick and The Hitman returned with a leg kick. The two exchanged some punches. Burns was able to beat Moret to the punch most of the time, but Dan still landed some power shots.

Gilbert landed a big fight hand, taking advantage of a telegraphed kick from Moret. Durinho wobbled Moret with a kick, but The Hitman stayed up. Later he landed a slew of punches which off balanced Gilbert and forced the high-level BJJ black belt to use some of his grappling. Burns took Moret down, but Dan worked his way back up. However, Burns re-dropped him and landed in Dan’s half guard. Burns ended the match with a flurry of punches.

Burns started out round two with three body kicks in a row. Durinho then charged in with punches, dropped Moret with a shot to the chin and folded The Hitman up, forcing the fight to and end.


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