RESULTS: Gabi Garcia Extends Undefeated Streak With First Round RNC At ROAD FC 47

Gabi Garcia may have had some embarrassing hiccups in her MMA career, but she is still undefeated.

Garcia extended her no-loss streak to 5-0 tonight at the Korean MMA promotion ROAD FC, which took place in Beijing, China.

Gabi fought MMA newcomer Veronika Futina in the main card of ROAD FC 47.

Both fighters took the center of the cage. Futina threw a quick one-two. Gabi then charged in with some punches of her own, pushing Futina to the outside of the cage, but then it was Veronika forcing Gabi to the perimeter with punches.

Both fighters stayed light on their feet.

Gabi pressed Veronika up against the cage in the clinch and tried to get some underhooks. She wrestled Futina to the ground and worked her way into full mount. Futina tried to hold Gabi down, but couldn’t. Garcia sat straight up and landed some punches.

Futina rolled to her stomach and Gabi flattened her out. Garcia then landed more punches and moved to the side.

Futina rolled again and this time Garcia went for a Kimura.

Again Veronika rolled to her stomach and again Gabi flattened her out. Futina looked paralyzed. Garcia worked her fist under Futina’s chin and got the choke.

Winner by rear naked choke in the very first round: Gabi Garcia!


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