RESULTS: Edwin Najmi Puts A Stop To Rodrigo Caporal With First Round Standing RNC At ACB JJ 13

Edwin Najmi may have just earned himself a submission of the night with this amazing standing RNC — after an equally amazing standing bow and arrow attempt — at ACB JJ 13, live from Long Beach, California.

The first minute was fairly low key, with Edwin pulling guard after the first minute. Caporal tried to stack pass, but Edwin turtled up and both stood up.

Edwin again pulled guard, but the match was restarted in the middle of the mat. Najmi started on his back, using a spider guard to keep his opponent at bay. He then set up a nice sweep, ending up on Caporal’s back. Rodrigo stood up and Najmi got a hook in and then went for a standing bow and arrow. He didn’t get it, but he wasn’t done yet. He transitioned to a rear naked choke and earned himself the tap.



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