RESULTS: Keenan Corneilius Pulls Off Impressive Reverse Omoplata To Stop Yuri Simoes In Second Round

Keenan Cornelius didn’t fail to disappoint in his match against Yuri Simoes at ACB JJ 13, ending their match in the second round via an omoplata.

Keenan pulled guard about a minute into the first round and Yuri tried to pass with underhooks and Cornelius grapped the lower portion of his opponent’s gi.

The match went off the mat, and the two were forced to restart in the middle.

Yuri tried a bull fighter pass, but Cornelius went inverted, using a spider guard to stop his opponent from passing.

Again the match started in the middle.

Keenan went inverted immediately and tried to work his own pass. He didn’t get the pass, but he did make it to Yuri’s back. He got one hook in as he held on to the collar.

The two stood up and Cornelius sat down immediately, again fighting off his back as the round drew to a close.

Round 2. This time it was Yuri’s turn to sit to guard. Simoes used a lasso guard and held Keenan’s leg in place with a half guard. Cornelius again went for the gi, possibly about to work a Brabo choke, or perhaps use using it to help his knee slice pass. Yuri went inverted, though.

Simoes turtled as Keenan tried to take the back. Cornelius had his leg around Yuri’s arm, though, and he rolled into a reverse omoplata, finishing the match.


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