Romulo Barral Dominates AJ Sousa, Tapping Him With A Collar Choke From Mount

AJ went in immediately for a double leg, but Romulo sprawled on him, trying to drag him down to the mat. The two went right back up, though.

Barral pulled guard and grabbed AJ’s leg to sweep him. Sousa went for a berimbolo transition, but after earning two points, Romulo went for an omoplata. He didn’t stay with it long, though, and was soon trying to pass guard.

The match went off the mat and the two started out in the middle. Romulo passed guard and moved to side control. The match was 7-2 and soon 10-2 in Barral’s favor. Romulo then moved to mount and got the collar choke, winning the match.

After the match, Romulo Barral revealed the secret to his success: train hard every day.

Sounds simple, right?


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