RESULTS: Gordon Ryan Unsuccessful In ACB JJ Debut, Vinny Magalhaes Wins Via Points

Vinny pushed Gordon down, and as Ryan got up, Magalhaes held on to his leg. Gordon went down again but immediately started working for a heel hook. Vinny worked his way out, though.

Ryan stayed down and Magaelhaes jumped to half guard, putting him in the lead 5-0. Gordon managed to get his legs in, and work his opponent off.

Ryan then went to butterfly guard and then inverted as he worked for a leg. Gordon grabbed the heel, but after a brief struggle, Vinny worked his way out.

Gordon shot in for a double in the second round, but Vinny stayed up. Magalhaes then got double underhooks and wrestled his opponent off the mat.

Tired of the stand-up, Ryan sat to guard and always kept on his feet under Vinny’s leg, preventing the latter from passing. From there, he was able to keep Magalhaes at bay for the rest of the match.

In the third round, Ryan again sat to guard. Again, he kept his foot under Vinny’s leg. He then tried to go inverted and work for a leg, but he couldn’t get anything. A scramble ensued, and Magaelhaes even got one of the Gordon’s legs, though he couldn’t do anything with it.

Vinny then tried to pass Gordon’s guard, but nothing. He was still able to win by points, though.


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