RESULTS: Leandro Lo Defeats Gabriel Arges To Become New ACB JJ Middleweight Champion

Leandro Lo is the new ACB JJ Middleweight Champion of the world after defeating Gabriel Arges.

Leandro went down early and almost swept Arges, then almost got the back, but ended up in Gabriel’s guard.

Gabriel held on to Lo’s arms. Leandro tired to pick him up, but Arges immediately went for an armbar. Lo stumbled and looked like he was in trouble, but he stayed in it.

Leandro was back in guard. Arges looked like he was working for a triangle, then wrapped Lo’s leg in his own gi, trying to work some type of sweep before the round ended.

Lo went for a single in the second round and wrestled Arges down, earning himself 2 points. He couldn’t pass the champ’s guard, though. Gabriel held on to the gi and worked for a sweep, but Leandro stayed on his feet.

Arges stayed on his back, trying to work for a sweep, then work his way to the back from an awkward guard.

Leandro got another takedown in Round 3. Had this been a three-round fight, Arges would have needed a submission win in this round to retain his title. Luckily, it was a five-round match.

Lo passed Gabriel’s guard, but couldn’t keep it, and Arges went back to playing guard.

Leandro ended the round with a 4-0 lead. Arges needed to win these two rounds if he wanted to retain his title.

Arges went back to playing guard in the fourth round. He held on to the leg and tried to work for a leg, but Lo stopped him.

Leandro passed again and took his back, but Arges worked his way up. The match went off the mats.

Arges pulled guard. Leandro tried to pass, but Gabriel kept him off. Still, Lo was up 2-0, and that’s how the score remained for the rest of the round.

Gabriel Arges needed a submission if he wanted to remain the champion.

Still, he went to playing guard. Less than two minutes in, Lo passed and earned himself 3 points, pretty much sealing Arges’ fate.

Why Gabriel stuck to his original game plan is a mystery, but he paid for it with his title.


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