RESULTS: Marcus Almeida Buchecha Dominates Joao Rocha To Become New ACB JJ Heavyweight Champion

Marcus Almeida Buchecha is the new ACB JJ Heavyweight Champion, winning his title after a dominant victory over Joao Rocha.

In the first round, Buchecha wrestled Rocha down with a single leg, but Rocha stood back up. Again, Marcus wrestled his opponent down, but again he stood back up until the fight went off the mats.

Buchecha pulled guard and Rocha went for the guard pass, but Marcus turtled up.

The match went back to standing and remained that way.

There was a lot more stand-up in the second round. Sadly, there wasn’t much in the way of action. Things finally went down to the mats with slightly more than a minute left. Almeida was on his back with Rocha in half guard.

A scramble ensued in the last ten seconds of the match and Buchecha jumped on Joao’s back, but couldn’t get any points.

Buchecha went for a fireman’s carry early in the third round, but couldn’t get the takedown. He then transitioned into a judo throw, but still couldn’t get himself any points. If the fans needed something to make up for that inactive second round, they got it.

Unfortunately, things did slow down after that melee. The two fought for grips in a stand up battle. Almeida pulled guard. Rocha tried to pass, but again Marcus turtled up.

Round 4 started out with a bang as Buchecha went for a football tackle right from the get go and the two rolled off the mat. Almeida pulled guard. Rocha tried to stay up, but Buchecha held on and wrestled his opponent down to a top position.

Rocha held on to his opponent in half guard and Marcus pressured from the top.

Buchecha then went for a Brabo choke. He then moved to the mount position, racking himself up some points. Almeida now worked for an armbar. Rocha survived, though, working his way back up to his feet. Still, with a 9-0 lead, that match was all Buchecha.

There was more stand-up in round five. Buchecha then went for a single, but Rocha countered by pushing his opponent off the mats.

Almeida then went for another single and again transitioned into a judo throw. Marcus got mount, but couldn’t keep it long enough to score any points.

The referee started the match again with Rocha on Almeida’s back. Marcus tripoded up. The referee then stopped the match, though, and the two started standing.

Almeida pulled guard, and that pretty much ended the match for Rocha, who spent the rest of it trying to pass.


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