Black Belt CBD Invitational Results: Rodolfo Vieira Wins $30,000 After A 4-year Off BJJ Competition

The inaugural Blackbelt CBD Invitational debuted in Las Vegas on October 20th, paying a $30,000 purse to the winner of each 4-person bracket using an ADCC scoring system. The event was commentated by jiu-jitsu legend Robert Drysdale and David Avellan. Headlining the night of grappling was a super fight between UFC legends Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin.


Complete fight results for the big night are as follows:

Middleweight bracket (No-gi):

DJ Jackson def Rafael Domingos via points. Jackson, the Lloyd Irvin product, overwhelmed Domingos with a takedown-heavy attack to win all three rounds and the match via points.
Gilbert Burns def Marcelo Lapela Mafra via points. An aggressive Burns pressed the fight while Mafra was marred by penalties for intentionally going out of bounds leading to Burns’ victory via points.

Middleweight Final:

Gilbert Burns def DJ Jackson via points. The first round stayed on the feet and consisted of both competitors fighting aggressively for takedowns with neither scoring. The second round delivered more of the same early, with Burns scoring a takedown midway through the round and riding Jackson’s back for the remainder. The final round opened with Jackson attacking with takedowns aggressively, but these efforts were stuffed by Burns who continued using his stifling top position to ultimately take Jackson’s back and ride out the round to win.

Women’s bracket (Gi):

Ana Vieira def Gabrielle McComb Lima via points. World champion Vieira used her pressure passing to overwhelm new black belt Lima to take the match via points.
Luiza Monterio def Catherine Perret via armbar. After getting taken down early in the first round, Monterio was able to flawlessly transition from a triangle attempt into an armbar to finish the match in the first round.

Women’s final:

Ana Vieira def Luiza Monterio via points. Monterio conceded 2 points early by pulling guard in the first minute of the first round to aggressively attack from the bottom position in an attempt to hold Vieira’s pressure passing game at bay. Late sweeps between both competitors and a toehold attempt at the end of the round by Vieira ended the round in Vieira’s favor. The second round saw Vieira landing a strong double-leg takedown early and Monterio attacking from the bottom once more, though Vieira won the round. The final round was more of the same leading to Vieira’s victory.

Heavyweight bracket (Gi):

Rodolfo Vieira def Kit Dale via points. The Vieira family pressure passing was on display once again against athletic Australian Kit Dale, this time securing the win for Rodolfo after a 4-year hiatus from jiu-jitsu competition.
Mahamed Aly def Taris Humphreys via points. Aly dominated the match with heavy top pressure over the lighter Humphreys for a victory via points.

Heavyweight final:
Rodolfo Vieira def Mahamed Aly via points. The first round was spent with both competitors feeling each other out, Vieira pulling guard and Aly using his power to pressure down from the top position. After creating a scramble Vieira took Aly’s back and used it to gain top position. An armbar attempt closed out the round, but Aly survived while Vieira took the round on points. The second round saw Vieira attempt a single leg, but the athlete was ultimately taken down by Aly’s uchi mata. In the final round, Vieira pulled into X-guard to continue his relentless attack from the bottom. A late pass attempt by Aly was stymied by Vieira, winning him the match by points.

Super Fight (No-gi):

Frank Mir def Forrest Griffin via points. Griffin attempted to use his cardio to wear down Mir, but in the end Mir utilized takedowns and his size advantage to win the match and $10,000.


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