Road To ADCC: Ana Carolina Vieira Defeats Elisabeth Clay

The second match of the Road to ADCC featured an exciting match between Ana Carolina Vieira and Elisabeth Clay that saw both athletes going for plenty of submission attempts. In the end, though, it was Vieira who came out on top to claim victory.

Clay focused on arm drags as the athletes wrestled on the feet, and Vieira capitalized on one to come on top as Clay sat back. Clay was penalized one point for a guard pull. She immediately began hunting one of Vieira’s legs and latched onto a straight ankle lock. Vieira pulled her leg out of danger and returned to her feet to work hard to pass Clay’s guard. Clay continued to demonstrate her signature flexible, dynamic guard, but briefly found herself in some trouble when Vieira locked on a guillotine from the top. Clay was able to defend, however, and came back on top to drive forward while escaping the submission attempt.

Vieira was back on top with thirteen and a half minutes to go, working on passing her opponent’s guard. Clay again found a straight ankle lock attempt, but was unable to finish it. Just before the ten-minute mark, Vieira, too, went for a straight ankle lock, which didn’t faze Clay. As the match entered the period of points, Vieira picked up the pace and became more aggressive with her passing attempts. A scramble led to Vieira with good control in top half-guard, but Clay’s impressive guard work ensured that she didn’t stay there long.

Seven minutes left, and Clay again focused her efforts on attacking Vieira’s leg. She locked onto a kneebar, but Vieira was able to push her joint out of danger. Clay picked up the leg again and drove forward, leading to both athletes returning to their feet. Vieira shot for and got a takedown, and Clay immediately transitioned into a gogoplata and then an omoplata attempt. Vieira was back to trying to pass Clay’s guard, but the takedown earned her two points. She initially earned another three points with a guard pass, but Clay was able to regain half guard within seconds. The pass points were removed after the referee argued the point that Vieira hadn’t controlled the position long enough to earn the points.

With three minutes to go, Vieira continued passing guard, suffering a penalty point after repeated warnings to pick up the pace. She did just that with about a minute and thirty seconds left, attempting another guillotine from the top. Clay pulled her head out, but Vieira stepped over and worked on a head-arm choke from the top. Clay originally kept her opponent’s leg trapped in quarter-guard, but Vieira slipped her leg through to pass in the last seconds of the match to solidify her win.

Ana Carolina Vieira was declared the winner by points.


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