Road To ADCC Full Results: Kaynan Duarte Submits Matheus Diniz In 2 Minutes In Main Event

Road To ADCC/Photo: Corey Stockton

The main event of the Road to ADCC ended up being the fastest match of the night as ADCC champions Kaynan Duarte and Matheus Diniz faced off in a quick, but technical match that ended in Duarte’s favor.

Duarte immediately locked up the collar tie and then foot-swept Diniz onto the ground to gain top position. Diniz kept Duarte in his half- and quarter-guard, but Duarte soon abandoned his passing attempts to backstep into a leg attack. He locked up a leg lace, and it was a matter of seconds before Diniz tapped to the submission just past two minutes from the start of the match.

Kaynan Duarte was declared the winner via submission.



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