Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu To Former Student: ‘Karma Is A B*tch’

Roberto Abreu

Loyalty is a vital aspect of our day-to-day lives. All of us have felt down at times, but someone offered their shoulder to lean on until we could stand on our own two feet again.

Most people would appreciate the kind souls who helped them through thick and thin. However, some — for reasons we may never understand — chose to stab them in the back.

This is precisely what Fight Sports Miami owner Roberto Abreu says he has endured at the hands of a former student:

“Either my concept of morals, Ethics, Manliness, loyalty, and values are off or something very wrong is happening nowadays. I don’t like to have drama around me or to expose the problems of my team in the internet. I’ve worked very hard to establish my business in Miami Florida and to work my way up in Jiu Jitsu. Since I opened my school in here 10 years ago I’ve always welcomed everyone from every team with a lot of love and respect into my mats and my house helping many people. That’s how I was raised from my family, with an open heart. Everyone who knows me knows that I try hard to help others and inspire everyone around me into having a better attitude towards life and I translate it on my everyday.

Well, I’ve been very upset and disappointed about some stuff has happened. Its very disappointing when you stand the red carpet to someone, welcomes people to your house and eventually get stabbed or someone you raised from white to black belt, gives all the opportunity in the world, but the guy screws up his whole life, and in the end tries to blame me for it and play Victim.

Well, Over a year Ago Mario Sperry came to live in Miami, I opened the doors of my gym for him, received him in my house, trusted him to teach and have leadership in my school as an idol I saw on him despite of some bad feedbacks I’ve heard of him and his attitudes from other people. He always told me from day one that he wanted to open a school. Which of course, it’s not a problem if he opened somewhere alway from mine.

Anyways, I’m working on 2 options to move my gym of address as in the next 6 months my lease expires and I’ll have to move and Mario knew about it. One day he shows up to my gym and tells me that he had closed a deal and he was opening a gym at one of the places I was working on getting for myself, and I even had already architectural plans for the place, he did it without never communicating me. He cut me off on my deal, The place is literally 5 min from my original gym. While I don’t even have a place to move my school just yet. His partner who was also a “friend” and was teaching in my gym (Pedro) says that if any of my students left my school to go to theirs is because they would be leaving anyways. ?!? For real?!?

How to measure that circumstance?! Take your conclusions….

End it up that now my black belt Ricardo Resende who I raised since his 12 years old, someone with a very difficult attitude who I had many problems during all of this years, I brought him from Brazil, lost many nights wishing he would wake up to life and raised in jiu Jitsu decides to join Mario Sperry. His excuse is that I don’t give him opportunities… and I never did anything for him. As everyone have a freedom of choice, I told him to do what he thinks is right but if he did go teach at a school that was a straight competition to me, he would be out of the team. So I didn’t kick him out, he chose the opportunity over his team.

Now he Ends up writing this big thing on Facebook, saying that he found out I kicked him out of the team and Blá-blá-blá…. but he still appreciates me… playing Victim…, trying to make me look bad, well, just unreal.
We are talking about a guy I gave all the opportunities in the world, worked hard my whole life trying to change him to the better, suffer because of him wanting him to succeed, cried for him and to him many times wanting him to achieve his own good… well, he never succeeded for nothing but his own social and mental problems. Everyone around us know the story.

Well, there is a phrase that says ” If opportunities controls your loyalty, there is something wrong with your character”. I just found out again how much it is sad for us to trust and get screwed. Seems like there are a lot of rats and opportunists around. On my way of seeing life I have my vision very simple, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. When it comes to morals, respect and values there are only black and white, not gray.

I believe people have the freedom to take their decisions, just like everything else you always have a choice, but you will have to be held responsible for your acts. Karma is a bitch.

Unfortunately we have to go through disappointments to learn in life.
I’m a believer that the main treasure a man will carry is his integrity, his word, his character and his attitudes. Cause in the end of the day that’s the only thing no one will be able to take from you. Who you truly are. Make sure to write a proper clean history for yourself… watch your attitudes because they will always tell who you are.


Either my concept of morals, Ethics, Manliness, loyalty, and values are off or something very wrong is happening…

Posted by Roberto Abreu on Friday, June 30, 2017

The world is full of parasites and opportunists who are waiting to see you fail so they can steal your spot on the mountain you worked so hard to climb. This is why it is better to trust no one and help others without expecting anything in return.

Disappointments like this are unfortunately inevitable in life. Still, there is nothing worse than a starving dog who bites the hand of the person who fed it.


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