Rodolfo Vieira: ‘I don’t see myself competing in jiu-jitsu anymore’

Photo by: BJJPIX

Rodolfo Vieira had a strong first MMA match against Daniyar Zarylbek on February 11th. He only needed three minutes to take Zarylbek down. He was confident and trained hard.

After that, it comes as little surprise that he has no plans to go back to jiu-jitsu competitions in the future.Vieira told MMA Fighting:

I don’t see myself competing in jiu-jitsu anymore.

“If an opportunity presents itself, a super fight with someone tough and they pay me well, I could do it if I don’t have a MMA fight coming up. And it should be no gi since I’m already training without the go for MMA fights. But I don’t see myself competing at the IBJJF Worlds, which is the only tournament I entered anyway.”

Vieira has definite plans to work even harder to overcome his obstacles before his second MMA match. In fact, this Rio de Janeiro native wants to get down to 185 pounds – after he is done with the one fight that is left with Arzalet Fighting.

MMA has been a dream of Vieira’s, on which he solely wishes to focus his time and energy. He hopes to become a champion MMA fighter someday. With his amazing start and promising stats, he sure stands a great chance.


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