Sapateiro 14 Results

Here are the results of Sapateiro 14, which went down Saturday, October 21.


Round 1

Micheal Lugo def Tony Torres Via oma plata
Werther Marciales def Steven Koslow via guillotine
Ethan Hendricks def Micheal Lugo via outside heel hook.

Round 2

Werther Marciales def Joey Lugo via guillotine
Tony Torres def Ethan Hendricks via triangle
Steven Koslow def Joey Lugo via rear naked choke in overtime

Purple Belt Final

Micheal Lugo def Werther Marciales via rear naked choke


Round 1

Quentin Rosenzweig def Krist Sanchez
Dylan Smith def Avery Mcphatter via armbar in overtime
Jason Hayden def James Harriot via outside heel hook
Stewart Maddox def Cameron Deville via guillotine

Round 2

Quentin Rosenzweig def Dylan Smith via cross side ankle lock
Stewart Maddox def Jason Hayden via armbar in overtime


Quentin Rosenzweig def Stewart Maddox via face crank

Super fights

Savonnah Devoucoux def Dani Hulvey via outside heel hook
Bobby Johnson def Derek Bonet via rear naked choke
Joseph Mejia def Jeremiah Floyd via most submissions in 6 minutes ( kids rules)

Main event

Kevin Gallagher def Reid Reale via rear naked choke in overtime.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original version of this article said Steven Koslow and Stuart Maddox lost their fights. That was wrong. Steven Koslow defeated Joey Lugo in Round 2 and Stuart Maddox won his first match.¬†


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