Fight 2 Win, 3rd Coast Grappling, & Sapateiro Promoters Discuss BJJ Events In The Age Of Coronavirus

With jiu-jitsu being effectively canceled all over the world, lots of people are wondering what the future of grappling events may look like in a post-coronavirus world. While different promoters have different ideas of how long it will take from the BJJ industry to bounce back from the impact of all the canceled and postponed events (not to mention the fact that most people will have gone weeks and weeks without training), a few of them got together to discuss their opinions with each other.

In the latest episode of the 3rd Coast Grappling podcast, 3CG’s Ryan McGuire and Oliver Long sat down to talk with Fight 2 Win’s Seth Daniels and Sapateiro’s Josh Leduc to talk about the impact the virus has had on their promotions and some of the challenges of being a promoter in general, as well as what they predict will happen to gyms and events once we’re all allowed to train again. Check out the episode below, and make sure to support your favorite grappling promotions once life returns to normal again:


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