F2W 183 Results: Baret Yoshida & Michael Liera Jr. Take Home Titles

F2W 183 finished off a big event with two action-packed title matches, and in the end, it was Michael Liera Jr. and Baret Yosida who went home with belts around their waists.

Co-Main Event

Jackson Nagai vs. Michael Liera Jr.

Liera immediately pulled guard and tried to sweep Nagai from closed guard. Nagai stood up and tried to break his opponent’s legs open, but Liera held tight. For a while, the competitors stayed here, neither able to do anything with the other, until Nagai lifted Liera off the ground and brought him down in a huge slam. It wasn’t enough to open Liera’s guard, though, and Nagai tried to manipulate Liera’s lapels for some time before he was finally able to stand up and open Liera’s guard. Liera quickly recovered, though, and wrapped himself around his opponent’s leg for a toehold while Nagai went for a leg lock of his own. Nagai soon had to bail on his own attempt in favor of defense. Liera was relentless in his attempts, though, going for a kneebar and then an ankle lock. Nagai went for an ankle lock of his own in the final seconds as Liera got to his feet, but neither competitor was able to secure the submission before time ran out.

Michael Liera Jr. was declared the winner and claimed the welterweight gi title.

Main Event

Baret Yoshida vs. Bernardo Pitel

Pitel pulled guard, and Yoshida immediately backstopped over to an attempted pass. Pitel secured quarter-guard while Yoshida came over and worked on trapping the head and arm. Yoshida tightened the anaconda choke while Pitel tried to rotate out of danger, and Yoshida got the tap with six minutes and thirty seconds left to go.

Baret Yoshida was declared the winner and took home the featherweight gi title.

Full Results:

  • Black Belt
  • Baret Yoshida def. Bernardo Pitel via choke (SOTN)
  • Michael Liera def. Jackson Nagai via decision
  • Josh Hinger def. Corey Guitard via decision
  • Gabriel Almeida def. Dom Bell via split decision
  • Fellipe Andrew def. Fellipe Trovo via choke (FOTN)
  • Lucas Pinheiro def. Carlos Oliveira via choke
  • Jacob Lee def. Sean Joseph via kneebar
  • Melissa Cueto def. Joy Pendell via armbar
  • David Reed def. Miles Lukas via decision
  • “Ziro” Ramirez def. Talal Alrasheed via choke
  • Piter Frank def. Richard Lopez via armbar
  • Tim Mendoza def. Chris Richey via armbar
  • Takahito Yoshioka def. Andre Pontes via decision
  • Antonio Zuazo def. Adam Bradley via decision
  • Paul Woo def. Gabriel Bergami via split decision
  • Rafael Nogueira da Gama def. Orlando Coronel via decision
  • Steve Hargett def. Johnny Souza via decision
  • Sophia Nordeno def. Nikki Sullivan via split decision (FOTN)
  • Christopher Hargett def. Zimitro Perez via decision
  • Anthony Harris def. Adam Mazin via decision
  • Tyler Najjar def. Michael Salazar via split decision
  • Geoff Real def. Jason Cook via decision
  • Brown Belts
  • Bri Robertson def. Rachel Ranschau via guillotine (FOTN)
  • Noah Chen def. Richard Bukovcsan via decision
  • Adolphus Moore def. Victor Oliveira via decision
  • Jordan Bailey def. George Hernandez via decision
  • Lucas Espinoza def. Adam Carcione via ankle lock (SOTN)
  • Breylor Grout def. Kellen Colon via heel hook
  • Leticia Cardozo def. Geneziz Rodriguez via decision
  • Gannon Lang def. AndrĂ© Marcelo Valle via ankle lock
  • Brandon Storme Walker def. Marco Martinez via decision
  • Purple Belts
  • Lynn Le def. Samantha Zavala via decision (FOTN)
  • Raymmah Garcia def. Marilyn Cruz via decision
  • Annie Druckrey def. Carolina Ramirez via decision
  • Kyle Kolod def. Miguel Peimbert via heel hook (SOTN)
  • Rhodes Faraday def. Nadine Burke via decision
  • Blue Belts
  • Michael Winkler def. Pete Hailer via decision
  • Christian Vukaj def. Brandon Halow via decision (FOTN)
  • Jason Hackett def. Keenan Kribs via choke (SOTN)
  • Kids and Teens
  • Luke Wyborney def. Jett Maughan via armbar (SOTN)
  • Emily Leyva def. Alexa Herse via decision (FOTN)
  • Berlyn Davis def. Elsa Reyes via decision
  • Nina Jacob def. Sierra Fahn via decision


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